Dear Fans,

I wanted to send a message to say Thank You for your support! Some of you support me by visiting this website, coming to Ryan’s Day, sharing posts on facebook, & commenting to keep the message going. Encourage others and be an Inspiration to the world. Stay positive and never lose hope…

My goal is to uplift as many people as I can through my music. I want to help people see the brighter things in life. God does amazing things. Anything is possible with God in your life. I’m defying the odds because of God. Statistics showed that I wouldn’t make it to my twenties, well i’m 23 now.

Realize… just because you have challenges that look impossible to overcome you can still enjoy life. Life is too short for depression, don’t let anything stress you. This life is all we have so I suggest you choose wisely what you’re going to do with it. You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.

Yours Always,